The Incredible Benefits of Owning a Net-Zero Energy Home

Jodi Bakst

Whether you’re interested in purchasing a house or building a custom home, sustainability and environmental responsibility may be important considerations to your decision process. Although net-zero homes have existed for over 30 years, many homeowners are surprised to discover the wide-array of benefits associated with this eco-friendly investment.

Net Zero Energy Home
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Net-zero homes are best defined by their characteristics, including:

  • Solar technology for renewable energy integration
  • Energy-efficient appliances to reduce wasted energy
  • Rainwater collection systems that support grid independence
  • Heavy insulation to maintain heating and cooling
  • Skylights and large windows that minimize the need for lighting


For commonly asked questions regarding net-zero energy and grid-ties, our frequently asked questions page is an excellent resource.

Net Zero Energy Home
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Reduced Spending

As a homeowner, taxes, energy expenses, and water bills can quickly accumulate. Net-zero homeowners not only qualify for tax credits and rebates from local and statewide initiatives (such as the solar rebate from Duke Energy), but also enjoy lessened expenses from natural rainwater, strategic energy-saving LED lighting, leak-proof insulation, and more.

Environmental Responsibility

Net-zero homes are as beneficial to homeowners as they are to the environment. For example, by curtailing harmful emissions, energy usage, and unnecessary waste, these homes support the future of sustainability while reducing our carbon footprint.

Home Valuations

By building a net-zero home, you are joining a major market shift toward sustainable housing. As the popularity of these homes becomes more widespread, many new homeowners will be seeking the long-term benefits associated with these housing options. In turn, owners who would like to sell are in a unique position to do so at premium prices by marketing to the ever-growing pool of interested buyers.

Net Zero Energy Home
Image source: Pexels
Closing Remarks

Are you a homeowner seeking net-zero housing options in North Carolina? If so, our team at Circular Design Construction and Real Estate Experts has the knowledge and experience to help.

Through Array, North Carolina’s first 100% net-zero energy community, we offer interested homeowners the opportunity to embrace the future of green development by building sustainable homes.

For questions or to inquire about building, please reach out by calling (919) 697-5014 or emailing Jodi Bakst at [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you, and hope that you gained valuable insight from our article!

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