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North Carolina’s First 100% Net-Zero Energy Neighborhood

We are proud to introduce Array, a 12-lot neighborhood located on 54 picturesque acres in Orange County that will be North Carolina’s first 100% net-zero energy residential community. Array is located along Orange Grove Road just 10 minutes west of downtown Carrboro and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Water efficiency

Energy efficiency

Indoor Air Quality

Solar power

All the comforts of today,
while protecting tomorrow.

Today, homes can be built to very high energy efficiency and indoor air quality standards. Homeowners building these homes are doing their part for the environment. According to the US Department of Energy, buildings consume 40% of the nation’s energy and 25% of the nation’s fresh water. New buildings, if designed to the right standards, can take care of their own resource needs thereby helping the environment and reducing their carbon footprint.

Build in Array and live in the home of your dreams designed to meet the highest energy efficiency and indoor air quality standards while enjoying the beautiful natural environment. Array’s 12 lots are designed to make maximum use of the sun with a north-south orientation and the neighborhood’s significant open space and amenities are meant to foster a sense of community. In Array, homeowners will live near one another with ample privacy between the lots while having:

Array will have beautiful, custom-designed, high-performance, single-family homes created and built by some of the Triangle area’s best and most experienced high performance, green, architects and builders. The homes will be designed from the ground up to reach net zero status, produce the smallest carbon footprint possible, and provide significant energy cost savings.

Array will adhere to the National Green Building Standard for certification of both the development and the homes. Array has also developed additional standards for the homes in partnership with Southern Energy Management. As a green neighborhood with green homes, Array will embrace all the principles of sustainable design, development, and construction from passive-house energy efficiency to photovoltaic arrays specifically sized for each energy-efficient home.

The First Home in Array

Modeled. Measured. Monitored.

The standards for the neighborhood are designed in such a way that home owners will know their homes are achieving net zero energy. How will we do this?


Array’s community standards are a blueprint for a healthy indoor environment and net-zero energy use. All home plans will be modeled by Southern Energy Management prior to being built to ensure they will meet Array’s building standards.


Third-party inspections, conducted by Southern Energy Management, will be done at two points during the construction process to verify that the homes will perform as designed.


Energy monitoring will allow homeowners to understand their energy use in real-time – the key to developing sustainable living practices. Annual reporting will be provided by Array to share the community’s collective impact.


The Goal is To Reduce Your Energy Bills

Total Cost of Ownership

Over time, monthly utility bills can really add up! A net-zero Array home requires less energy to operate, meaning sustainable living costs and more money in your wallet.

Going solar from Day 1 allows homeowners to take control of their energy, shifting monthly expenses away from utility bills and into their mortgage. This strategy increases the home’s value and protects against rising utility rates – while providing clean energy! It’s a win-win-win.


100% net zero energy homes built to Array’s standards will be very special homes. Not only will they be beautifully designed, they will be extremely energy efficient with superior indoor air quality. Because these homes are special, they also need a special look from a financing perspective. This is why Array has partnered with the lender that understand high performance homes: Dan Cunningham with United Community Bank.

Array will require with its contracts the use of the Appraisal Institute’s Energy Addendum. This will require that the lender hire an appraiser who is knowledgeable about high performance homes.