Array is Featured on the Mindful Businesses Podcast

Jodi Bakst

When Jodi Bakst and Cor Rademaker, co – founders of Circular Design Consultants had the opportunity to develop a piece of land in North Carolina, they had the vision to make it North Carolina’s first net-zero neighborhood.

They put this vision to pen and paper to create Array Sustainable Design and bring to market a twelve lot neighborhood on 60 acres, in picturesque Orange County, North Carolina.

In this episode they share how their homes are energy efficient and the challenges that they faced in creating this project. They sell individual lots to buyers who can build custom homes abiding by the neighborhood’s covenants. They believe developments like their net-zero neighborhoods will be the neighborhood of the future and they are excited to be the first of its kind in North Carolina.

Listen to this lively and passionate couple on this episode of Mindful Businesses.

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