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or homeowners and businesses in North Carolina, Duke Energy offers rebates to help offset the cost of installing solar panels. Although the program’s high demand in 2020 contributed to North Carolina’s position as a nationwide leader in solar integration, many residential and business requests were slated for a waiting list due to the limited number of available rebates.

These offerings are available in three separate capacities, including:

For more precise estimates, Duke Energy offers a calculator directly on their web site.

Two Annual Rebate Periods

In early November 2020, state regulators approved two application periods for individuals, companies, and nonprofits seeking rebates. These application windows will be made available in January and July 2021.

Participants who apply in 2021 are either planning to or have already installed solar panels. For participants with existing solar panels, the installation and bi-directional meter must have been installed after (or on) October 6th, 2020.

Submission Steps

In order to apply for a rebate, applicants must complete 3 key steps:

Duke Energy Solar Rebates
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Upon completion of the process, applicants are notified via email and can expect to receive their rebate four to five weeks after they begin generating power.

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